{t:Man of Constant Sorrow}
{st:Richard Burnett, 1913}
{st:lyrics slightly different from Dylans and Burnetts.}
[F] [Bb] [C] [Bb] [F]

([Bb]Constant [C]sorrow [Bb]through his [F]days)

[F]I     am a man    of constant [Bb]sorrow
I've seen [C]trouble [(Bb)]all my [F]days
[F]I'll  bid farewell    to old Ken[Bb]tucky 
The place where [C]I     was [(Bb)]born and [F]raised
(The [Bb]place where [C]he    was [Bb]born and [F]raised)

[F]For six long years I've been in [Bb]trouble 
No pleasure [C]here on [(Bb)]earth I [F]found 
[F]For in this world I'm bound to [Bb]ramble 
I have no [C]friends to [(Bb)]help me [F]down 
(He [Bb]has no [C]friends to [Bb]help him [F]down)

[F]It's fare thee well my old true [Bb]lover 
I [(Bb)]never [C]expect to see [(Bb)]you [F]again 
[F]For I'm bound to ride that northern [Bb]railroad 
Perhaps I'll [C]die [(Bb)]upon this [F]train 
(Per[Bb]haps he'll [C]die [Bb]upon this [F]train)
[F]You can bury me in sunny [Bb]valley 
For [(Bb)]many [C]years where I [(Bb)]may [F]lay 
[F]And you may learn to love [Bb]another 
While I am [C]sleepin' in [(Bb)]my [F]grave 
(While [Bb]he is [C]sleepin' in [Bb]his [F]grave) 

[F]Maybe your friends think I'm just a [Bb]stranger 
My [(Bb)]face you [C]never will [(Bb)]see no [F]more 
[F]But there is one promise that is [Bb]given 
I'll meet you [C]on God's [(Bb)]golden [F]shore 
(He'll [Bb]meet you [C]on God's [Bb]golden [F]shore)