{t:I Wish It Would Rain Chords}
{st:Nanci Griffith}
# Tabs by Mandy G. 
# P.S. This is the first song I ever learned to play, so it's perfect for all us beginners. Plus it's gorgeous.  Learn it... It's easy and fun.

{define: G(9) 0 3 2 0 3 3}

[G]Oh, I wish it would rain
wash my f[G(9)]ace cl[G]ean 

I wanna find some dark clouds
to hide in h[D]ere
Oh, the love in a m[G]emory
It sparkles like [G(9)]diamo[G]nds

When the diamonds fall
[D]Burns like t[Em-C]ears
When the diamonds [G]fall
[D]Burns like tears

[G]Once I had a love from the G[G(9)]eorgia p[G]ines
who o[D]nly cared for [Em]me
Gonna f[C]ind that love of [G]22
here at [D]33
[G]Got a heart on my right and [G(9)]one on my l[G]eft
but n[D]either suits my n[Em]eeds
Cause the o[C]ne I love is w[G]ay out west
and he n[D]ever will need me.

[G]Gonna pack up my [G(9)]two-steppin' [G]shoes
[D]and head for the Gulf Coast [Em]plains
Wann[C]a walk the streets of my old hometown
Where e[D]verybody knows my name
[G]Gonna ride the train down the [G(9)]Galvas[G]ton
[D]When the hurricanes blow [Em]in
Cause that [C]Gulf Coast water tastes sweet as wine
when your [D]heart's blowin home in the [G]wind